How We Grow Together

There is a proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,”  and at Crosstowne Church we, too, believe that we are better together.

There are three ways that, together, we participate in Christ-centered, town-transforming discipleship…

Shared Habits (BELLS)

The church has always embraced a shared pattern of life. Crosstowne Church seeks to form disciples through a shared pattern that consists of five everyday habits. These habits transform hearts to truly, actively, and personally follow Jesus.

Our five habits are found in BELLS…Bless others, Eat together, Learn Christ, Listen to the Spirit, See what God is doing.

neXt Group

This monthly gathering is a place for each person to learn about, grow in, and encourage each other in living out Crosstowne’s shared habits (BELLS). These groups will help you grow in the neXt step in your relationship with God and with other people, while joining what God is doing to transform your friends, your family, and your neighbourhood.


This is a weekly or bi-weekly one hour gathering that runs for 1-2 years as a means to equip potential leaders to lead groups of people to be on mission and make disciples together. Participants will receive simple, gospel-centered, and shareable tools that will allow them to lead others in hearing God, living on mission, growing through challenges, living a balanced life, and understanding their distinct calling.

For a schedule of these gatherings please contact